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Gulf Power

Gulf Power Company



You can apply for electric service online or by calling Gulf Power’s customer service. Gulf Power may require you to pay a deposit depending on your credit score, however, the deposit will be refunded to you when you make on-time payments for 12 consecutive months. www.gulfpower.com



Okaloosa Gas



You can connect service by calling the customer service desk. All new customers are required to provide a $35 deposit unless they have established good credit with Okaloosa Ga or have a letter of good standing from another utility. You can view connection fees and service charges from their website okaloosagas.com.


Gulf Breeze Natural Gas


Gulf Breeze Natural Gas



Gulf Breeze Natural Gas has been a service of the City of Gulf Breeze since 1964. You can connect by calling the customer service number. They do require a $50 utility deposit, $25 non-refundable set-up fee, a $20 non-refundable charge for a required excess flow valve.




Mediacom - Cable, Internet & Phone provider



Orders for service can be placed by calling the customer service number. More information about pricing packages can be seen at mediacomcable.com.


Waste Management


Waste Management Garbage Pickup



Service can be ordered by calling the customer service number. A quote can be obtained online at their website www.wm.com


Holley-Navarre Water System



The HNWS is a member owned, not for profit, corporation. Each member of the water system holds membership in the corporation upon signing a service agreement when connecting to the system. A water deposit with membership fee is required from homeowners or renters. A fee schedule can be viewed at their website www.hnws-fl.com.


Navarre Press


Navarre Press



When it comes to learning about your new community, there is no better way than through Navarre Press. This award winning newspaper publishes every Thursday and is available online or in print. Subscriptions begin at $38 per year for online only access and $48 per year for the printed publication. Start your service by subscribing at www.navarrepress.com/subscribe or call 850-939-8040.