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Welcome to the Neighborhood

We are so glad you chose to move here! Located in south Santa Rosa County, Navarre is home to the sugar-sand beaches and breathtakingly beautiful emerald green waters you’ve been dreaming about. The quartz-rich sand actually washed down from the Appalachian Mountains by way of the Apalachicola River, where it entered the Gulf of Mexico and eventually made its way onto shore. The sand on Navarre Beach is pure, white quartz crystals ground into perfect granules.


Our area is home to many military members stationed at one of several bases in Northwest Florida. The closest base is Hurlburt Field, an Air Force Special Operations Command in Mary Esther. Hurlburt Field is proud of its history and it stands ready to perform its unique mission “Any Time, Any Place”. Our area is also home to soldiers from the Army 7th Special Forces Group, airmen from Eglin Air Force Base, Whiting Field and Naval Air Station Pensacola. For all of these groups, training is essential, so do not be alarmed or surprised by the sounds. Most commonly heard are the aircraft flying overhead and the sounds of ammunition exploding in the distance. Some of the firing can be quite loud, but rest assured that they are training for their mission. Residents are proud to call it the Sound of Freedom but it can be alarming if you are not familiar with what you are hearing.


We will be scheduling the next Welcome Reception soon. This will be a great way to meet other new residents and learn even more about our beautiful community. We hope you will join us for the event and we look forward to meeting you soon!